love me in the dark 2020 album cover


Love Me In The Dark is the sonic alchemy of lunar and solar forces, Steve McCormick and Heather Donavon. The two met on stage five years ago in Venice, CA. That chance encounter changed their lives forever.

Heather’s father was diagnosed with Stage Four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma just weeks before they met. It was a very uncertain time for her family, upon which she returned to North Dallas to help with her mother and father with her father’s chemotherapy treatments. During these months, Steve was a constant friend and emotional support and he wrote, Circle Up The Wagons in tribute to her family during this time of crisis. After Heather’s father remarkably recovered, she returned to Venice, CA. With a new clarity around her purpose, this marked the beginning of their “real-life-not-so-Hollywood” love story and became one of the greatest blessings to come out of this hardship.

The music wasn’t something Steve or Heather were really aiming to do together, as each had their own individual careers as songwriter/artists and both wanted to just focus on their budding relationship. Yet as destiny would have it, over time these songs needed a place to come through and so began the writing journey together, over many candle lit nights of tea and some red wine.

Love Me In the Dark - Cover

And so it happened. And this is how it really begins.

With an old soul, captured in prose, reflected in beams of light, artistry like ImogenHeap, where every sensation felt has a flavour and a note to match. The kind of song that reduces you to silence. That dances on the hairs on your arm. That reminds your heart the colour of blush, while your cheeks embrace the cool truth of a rising night. If you ever wondered what roses sound like at night – this is it.

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