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Beachsloth: Review

Love Me In The Dark delves into a rustic folksy charm on the blissful storytelling of their self-titled debut. Their lyrical mastery helps to give the album a tremendous amount of heart. Sung with the gusto of a life truly lived, the tremendous detail filters further into the mix. Multiple layers intermingle lending the whole of the album a dense, ornate quality to it. Rhythms never are rushed while it all has a reflective spirit. Strangely intoxicating and a bit all-consuming, the way the tracks evolve makes each one feels akin to a chapter in an overall greater story.

Gorgeous, clean vocals reminiscent of the Fleet Foxes takes hold on the tremendous opener “Old Soul”. Jazz and country intermingle on the bluesy slide guitar work of “Riding Wind”. Low-key and beautiful the song has a cinematic presence to it. Soothing vocals weave through the whole of “Move Like Africa”. By far the highlight comes from the slowcore influenced gait of “Baby Bird”. An incredible buildup is deployed to masterful effect on its warm, tender tones. On “Surreal To Me” Love Me In The Dark recalls a bit of Mojave 3’s mellowed vibe. Dry, crystal clear guitar chords soar up into the sky on the dreamy “Nightingale”. A true slice of heaven closes the album off with “Runs Deep”.

On their self-titled debut, Love Me In The Dark offers a lovely mystery, one that both celebrates the darkness and the light in equal measure.

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